Park Place Farmers Market

It has been my goal within the last couple months to refocus on stories and content that bring me joy; things that I am truly passionate about and want to share with others. I am so excited to carry that out with a blog post about my experience at the Leawood Farmer's Market, (and share with you the vendors that reside there every week!)

This happens to be Leawood's only Farmer's Market, and runs every Wednesday in June-September, from 4-7 p.m. at Barkley Square. The sweet gals over at Hand & Land have curated some of Kansas City's finest makers & farmers for the occasion, and I can personally share from my experience that each and every one brings something unique to the market.

Dragonfly Gourmet Foods- This husband and wife duo have a deep love for food, which shows in every hand packed bottle, (even the labels are hand placed). From seasonings, salsas and pickles, Dragonfly combines the freshest ingredients with their passion to bring you small batches of quality product.

Black Dog Farms- This family owned and operated farm started after watching a Netflix documentary, Vanishing of the Bees. Barbara and Bryan felt compelled to find land around Kansas City where they could do their part in saving bees, which then led to saving dogs, sheep, and focused around honest farming. They now live on the farm full time, providing locally made goods while sharing their love with the people of Kansas City.

Sweet Streams Lavender Co. - A family owned and operated lavender farm, practicing organic and clean farming with products that are free from chemicals and toxins. Their main goal is to create calming environments and products for you and your loved ones. They currently have 5 varieties of lavender, and are looking to grow that number soon!

Barefoot 'N Happy- Christy and Lisa partnered as health food coaches, helping others get off gluten and dairy with recipes like 'cashew cheeze'. After multiple requests asking them to sell their special spread, it has led them to where they are now; allowing others with dairy intolerances to be able to enjoy a delicious alternative.

Heartland Honey- Joli and Cecil met at a bee keeping event over 25 years ago, and the rest is history! Cecil wants shoppers to know how important bees are in the farming process, and all of their products are naturally produced by the bees themselves. (This day was a treat to actually see the stars of the show!)

Borgman's Dairy Farm- This 80 year old farmstead lies minutes from downtown KC, and was started by the current owners grandmother. They currently house 200 goats that each produce 1 gallon of milk per day! Husband and wife team, Janet and Randy, believe in creating safe, healthy and delicious dairy products for their consumers to enjoy.

The Pasta Pros- In 1984, David and Bill came together to create never before flavors in the pasta scene here in America; and now, have a best seller called Dark Chocolate Linguine! These pastas are created with fresh, high quality ingredients in small batches, to stay true to traditional Italian pasta making methods. (They also have gluten free options as well, so all can indulge!)

Peaceful Hills Farm- This 20 acre farm, north of Grain Valley Missouri, currently raises pastured pork, free range eggs, and raw diary. The farm is hoping to expand this year with free range chickens and turkeys! They do not use any antibiotics, or growth hormones and use only non-GMO feed. (Their hogs are also Animal Welfare Approved).

Yummylicious Cookie Co. - After 15 years, Yummylicious Cookie Co. has perfected their original recipe for a handmade cookie that consists of 100% natural ingredients. Organic whole grains, whole wheat flour, flaxseed, and oatmeal leave this cookie packing a punch of fiber, protein, and Omega 3's; a treat you can actually feel good about.

Fruitful Hills Farm- This sweet family provides everything from meat, organic produce, eggs, and baked goods, (as well as hand-crafted wooden spoons and more). Since coming off of Whole30, I've realized how important it is to have quality produce in my home, and Fruitful Hills has so much to choose from! (Not to mention it looks just as beautiful in person as it does in photos!)

A huge thank you to Hand & Land as well as Park Place for inviting me out! I cannot say enough good things about this market and the people involved. It is such an awesome thing to see and talk with such passionate makers and farmers, and learn about where our products come from. To learn more about the specific products at each booth, visit Park Place's information page here.

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