Fall Leaves & Things


Fall is slowly but surely showing itself in KC; and my 'layer-loving, light-all-the-fall-candles and bundle-up-in-all-the-things' side is so, SO content. I've been living in this outfit as of late, and wanted to share some of these basic fall pieces with you!


A staple piece for me, (no matter what season), are my overalls. Say what you will about this trend, I don't think I'll ever part ways with these guys. The pair I'm wearing in these shots are from Madewell, (scored them in an awesome sale a year ago, the link shows a pair that are pretty dang similiar), but I've found great pairs at Gap & Free People as well! For me, these are so easy to change looks with, (sweaters, tees, etc.) and are incredibly comfortable; while still making me feel confident. (Can I share that a barista has called me a farmer while wearing these; TWICE. Same dude. And yet, I still feel 100% in them. TAKE THAT FANCY BARISTA).


Next up, and my personal favorite, my hat from Lack of Color. Man, am I a hat gal through and through; but this purchase definitely started an obsession that I cannot keep up with/afford. (Seriously though, I wear these about 4-5 times a week, so it was worth every penny). Very excited to pair this with dresses, jeans + tees, and overalls over the next coming months. (It may fuel the fire to continue to have barista's call me a farmer, but #NoRa-grets).


Any time I can double a shirt as a blanket and vice versa, I'm sold. This cozy long sleeve addition from Free People comes in seven different colors, and by the end of this winter I may or may not own the collection. Such an easy shirt to layer up or wear on it's own, but I will warn you of one thing; it snags like crazy. So mention to your pup or cat that while wearing said top, they need to check themselves, before they go wreckin' them threads.


What about you guys; what are some of your fall favorites you can't live without? Looking to build a good selection of basics, and excited to hear what you're loving so far this season!