The Oliver


I know this little blog of mine rarely covers food, BUT I wanted to share The Oliver with you all because of the wonderful experience & treatment I received while dining there recently! (Kansas City friends.. this space is something magical).


My sweet friend & I dined like dang Queens, and I am REAL excited to show you some of my favorite parts! (It includes sweet potato mac-n-cheese... so I hope you're sitting down for this... and not reading on an empty stomach. This is my final warning).


The Oliver prides themselves on redefining American Cuisine while using local ingredients/creativity, and it shows. We started with two appetizers, (asparagus toast + leek fondue), and a couple cocktails. I went with the The Nighthawk, (which is bottled in house), and my friend with a gin & tonic; they arrived at the table & almost looked too good to drink...(almost). I still dream about the leek fondue with the bourbon cocktail, and will continue to go back just for that!


Now, to the main course! Our server was incredibly helpful, and talked us through all of our options / what was special about each dish. I ended up ordering the aged pork chop, (cooked in a soy-orange glaze, placed on top of a carrot puree, and covered with a pickled apple salad + sweet potato mac-n-cheese on the side... I have no regrets except that I wish I was eating one of each at this very moment); my friend ordered the faroe island salmon with a side of butternut squash + goat cheese. (Side note-- I'm rarely the person that orders a pork chop at a restaurant, but I would order this again.. and then probably like 5 more times because it was so dang good!)


I mean.... just look at it!


We finished out the night with a round of desserts, and this chocolate chess pie was too pretty not to snap a quick photo. This was such a special meal to share with a close girlfriend of mine, and what put it over the top was having the best possible service & a beautiful atmosphere. To my KC folk, The Oliver is a gem & I highly suggest any dang thing on the menu! Cannot wait to head back & try more things, very... very soon. Thank you for the hospitality, guys!