Pink House


You guys... I'm so excited to share this brand with you! A big goal of mine this year is to switch all of my skincare products over to natural lines, which made it even more exciting to find out about Pink House.


Pink House not only has wonderful, all natural & organic ingredients, but it has an amazing story behind it. PH was created in 2013, after a cancer diagnosis led Karen Sjoberg to question harsh chemicals in products she was using daily. After researching natural products to replace these, (and coming up short), Karen & her sister Tracy started making their own.


Karen passed away a few years later; but her sister & daughters have carried on her passion for natural products. Each is formulated not only with the best ingredients possible for your skin, but with a lot of love; (which to me, makes it worth every single penny, and then some!)


These are the kinds of brands that I love sharing with others, and I hope to do more of in 2017. If you guys have any recommendations on more natural lines you're trying, I would love to hear them!