Holidays with Halls KC


Day two of holiday shopping guide with Halls KC! This is a special post for me to write, because it was a walk down memory lane. I remember as a little tot going to Crown Center & being mesmerized by the twinkly lights next to the skating rink, the life-like decorations and the beautiful displays at Halls KC. The older I get, the crazier life seems to get, and being able to come back after so many years was so needed.


The second I walked in the door, I knew trying to round-up a few Christmas presents out of Halls many sections was going to be a near impossible task; (so much so I was late getting back to my 1 hour parking space & feared my car wouldn't be there to greet me when I got back. 1 hour? Really Alyssa? Rookie mistake). I ended up getting an AMAZING candle, (scent reminds me of time spent in Colorado, so I knew it would make the perfect gift), Andre's chocolate covered almonds, (If you live in KC you know why these were a must!), a decorative tea towel for Momma, the perfect star ornament and a Halls exclusive Charlie Hustle shirt, (which the sales woman very kindly wrapped up & placed in a box for me).


If you're like me & haven't visited in awhile, or are new to Kansas City, I highly suggest making a trip down to Crown Center & visiting Halls KC. Those twinkly lights & display windows will never disappoint. Happiest of Holiday's, (and I'll see you all tomorrow for the next vendor on my list!)