Let's Go For A Walk


I'm on the last leg of vacation, and am currently in Pullman Washington visiting my brother and his family. The trip was 10 days, and it was incredible to visit a few places I had never seen before.  

Today in particular, I woke up early with my mom to grab coffee with my brother. It's nice to feel like you wake up a little before the rest of the world does, so you get a head start on your thoughts.   


I'm no stranger to feeling self conscience. I shared a few posts back about how difficult it is for me not to compare myself to others, and I know how toxic that can be. This morning I found myself checking Pinterest, (I know I know... Old habits die hard). While I was looking, like so many times before, I noticed a cool outfit with elements I normally tell myself I can't pull off, but this time it was different. I sat looking at this photo for minutes, telling myself, "Let's try and rock this!" What?! Who is this voice in my head?! Did I... Could I... Have shaken that old mindset off so quickly?

This past week has been so crucial and beneficial for me. Being in these new places I've never been before, has allowed me the opportunity to take a step back, and focus on myself without the hustle and bustle of "normal" life. 



I've spent so many years telling myself I can't be certain things. I can't pull off certain things. I should look a certain way. Know what? That's a prison. And none of us belong there. 


Here's to a new season & a new mindset to go with it 💘